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Here is a quick read down of some other bands in Enniskillen.

Electric Toaster- What can we say......The Watch's big brothers fuckin rule.
Nice N Sleezy-  Glam, Punk, Metal, these guys have it all, Talented bunch of guys, Watch out for them.
Fractured- "The Great" Fractured are Fermanagh's most promising sons, already mentioned in Kerrang! magazine, it's hard to believe that something so good came from the crapfactory of fermanagh.
Mushy Peas- The Peas, The brothers in arms..., Excellent band, Hope to gig with these guys alot in the future.
Deadhouse Gates - well no-one realy know's much about this band cus they aint had many gigs but check out the link to have a little laugh.
ElavatorLady - Great band, great guys, what more can i say u guys gotta save me a muffin and a capri sun at your next gig.
Nemesis - Good to see another power metal band in Enniskillen, Your sure to see A few good cheesy songs from this band.
Any bands we havent mentioned, we apologise, send us an e-mail and Donegan will sort out the problem.